08 January 2010

Welcome to the Slap-Dash Chef!

Martha, I ain't.  I'm a mother to four hardy kids (three boys and a princess) and the wife of a very forgiving man. We're all in a white house in New England, living the American Dream (especially now that I have a Honda Odyssey.) I am just a regular, American girl. I still think of myself as a girl even though I'm 30+. I still imagine to myself that if I don't get a particular chore done, it's okay, because my mom will be along soon to do it for me. (And sometimes, she is!) I'm lazy about housework, my food is delicious but usually ugly, my kids are brilliant but a bit unkempt.

So what qualifies me to write this blog? Over the course of my marriage (currently 9.5 years and counting) I've somehow managed being a full-time housewife and mother and still found time to be myself. I've collected some delicious recipes and figured out some kitchen shortcuts that make life easier. And I'm continually learning organization and housekeeping tools that might help you, too. If you are a Martha clone, you probably won't enjoy this blog. But if you're just a regular person looking for some yummy food, and maybe a few laughs about life and raising a family, then welcome!

You should know, my goal is to put up at least one recipe a week, and I will do my best. But I can't guarantee anything. You should also know, that nothing I put up here will be low-fat, organic, super-fancy or take more than an hour and 15 minutes to make. Yeast and I are not friends...there will be no bread recipes. I've got a large stockpile of recipes to put up, but I will run out at some point so if you want to share, by all means! Please send me recipes that work for you. Some of my recipes are my very own, tried and true, made-up-entirely-by-me recipes. Some will be recipes from my very favorite food blogs and cookbooks that have been modified by me to fit my life and kitchen style. The rest are recipes from friends and family. I'll give credit where credit is due whenever possible.

You'll also probably have to put up with the occasional photo, poem, link, rant, trip down memory lane, or plug. If you choose to skip over all that and just grab the recipe, that's fine. If you like what you read or discover that one of my recipes is yummy and works for you, then please pass on a link to a friend. And please visit the links to the left there; some are the websites of  family and friends, some are websites that are influential to me, and one is the print shop selling my own artwork. ;)

I'm looking forward to the journey that is food blogging! Thank you for joining me!

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